Neal Coghlan a designer and artist working across the realms of 3D animation, immersive spaces and live performance; often combining future-facing tech such as motion-capture, virtual-reality and the metaverse.






Mocap Streamer

In this immersive showcase performance we share a form of digital-dance installation that sees three dancers move together in real-time within a virtual space through remote connection. The choreographic performance takes the form of a semi-improvisational interaction, in a set of scenarios designed to explore senses of virtual presence, proximity, and narrative though projected visuals.

My role in this on-going research project has been to conceptualise virtual scenarios and space for the dancers to perform their choreography in. The scenes all have a specific set of interactions that the multiple performers (two in London and one in New York) could use to create unique performances each time, whether through changing sound, material properties or environmental elements.

I also worked on creating striking brand elements for the Mocap Streamer project.


Principal Investigator: Dan Strutt
Art Director & 3D Designer: Neal Coghlan
Creative technologist: Clemence Debaig
Research Assistant: Keir Clyne
Software Developer: Oli Winks
Dancers⁠: Jack Thomson, Hannah Burfield, Kristia Morabito
Camera: NYC camera operation by Ashton Worthington - BSide Live / ⁠ Partners: Gowanus Loft - Midheaven Network, AHRC (Arts and Humanities Research Council), Akram Khan Company, Vanderbilt Republic, OnBoard XR, Target 3D



Drum & Bass TV